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Dr José Gil Ferreira

Clinical Director and Chairman

Name: José Antunes Gil Ferreira Practice Areas: Gynaecology, General Surgery Position: General Manager of Cligest, Clinical Director Certifications: OMA 50A...

Dr Ondina Cardoso

Director of the Paediatrics Service

Name: Ondina da Cruz Gonçalves Cardoso Area of Expertise: Paediatrics Position: Clinical Director of the Paediatrics Service Certifications: OMA 616 Traba...

Dr. Alexandre Saúl

Head of Occupational Medicine

Name: Alexandre Saúl Area of Expertise: Occupational Medicine Position: Head of Occupational Medicine Certifications: OMA 1343, OGUK 2156 Works in C...

Dr Maria Imaculada

Co-Director - Serv. de Ginec. Obstet.

Name: Maria Imaculada Practice Areas: Gynaecology and Obstetrics Position: Co-Director of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Service Certifications: OMA...

Dr. Francisco Neto

Head of the Anaesthesiology Service

Name: Francisco Cardoso Santos Neto Practice Areas: Anaesthesiology Position: Head of Anaesthesiology Service Certifications: OMA 910 Works at CLIGEST since...

Dr. Gilda Mariano

Director of S.A.P. and Urgency

Name: Gilda Vivianne Figueira Lopes da Silva Mariano Area of Expertise: Internal Medicine and General Practice Position: Head of Outpatients and Emergency C...

Dr Sérgio Delgado

Head of the Surgery Service

Name: Sergio Delgado Travieso Area of Practice: General Surgery\Gynecology Position: Head of Surgery Service Certifications: OMA 182 A, RSM 35479 Works in the...

Dr. Eulália Alexandre

Co-Director - Gynec. Obstetr.

Name: Eulália Maria C. Simões Alexandre Practice Areas: Gynaecology and Obstetrics Position: Head of Gynaecology and Obstetrics Service Cer...

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  • "SinceramenThey have an excellent service. My family and I have been users since 2014, and we are very happy with the service.o."

    Manuela Leitão

  • "More than satisfied with the service! All the staff involucrado with the dynamics of the clinic! Hygienic conditions, professionalism! No doubt place where I will perform my consultations!"

    Yanai Valdes


  • "The care of the medical staff was very good, as were the other services. I was on an inpatient stay and would recommend, a trustworthy clinical staff. Thank you for the support you provided at such a delicate time for me!"

    Anabela Prates



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